Get ready for the biggest racquetball event in California: The World Racquetball Tour West Coast Championships. Hosted by Big C in Concord, California, this event attracts players of all levels from all over the world. From pros to amateurs there are lots of divisions to enter, great food to eat, pro matches to watch for free, music and entertainment.


Dates:  January 26 – 29, 2016

Tournament Director:  Kim Randolph,, 408-398-8201


WRT Men’s Singles
WRT Men’s Doubles
Amateur (Shootout Style)
• Men and Women
• Singles, Doubles
• Skills and Ages

*Players 18 and Under who enter the WRT division get 50% off their entries! We promote the growth of the sport and want to provide a fair opportunity to all. Please share this with the aspiring, young players and help them compete with at the WRT level!

Register for the event at


We will also be live streaming the WRT division on the WRT Live free broadcast starting with the Quarter finals on Saturday at 10AM PST, then the Semis on Saturday at 5PM and 6PM, and finishing out the event with the Singles AND Doubles WRT Finals at 12PM PST.