Fitness Evolution will host the first WRT Modesto Open starting on October 30th. WORLD CLASS players will be competing for the WRT Championship Title. Sign up to play in the event and you can watch the greatest players in racquetball like No. 1 Alex Cardona (MEX), No. 2 Jake Bredenbeck (USA), California native No. 4 David Bobby Horn (USA), No. 5 Andree Parrilla (MEX) battle live all weekend long.

The WRT will be live broadcasting the WRT Singles starting with the Quarter Finals on Saturday morning at 10AM, continuing Saturday night with the Semi Finals at 5PM and then don’t miss the Finals on Sunday at 12PM. You can watch it all for FREE at or

Join us for the Modesto Open, there are lots of divisions offered, plus Gearbox prizes, giveaways, contests, great food and fun.

Date: October 30th to November 1st

Location: Fitness Evolution, 2012 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350

Tournament Director: Kim Randolph,


WRT Men’s Singles

WRT Men’s Doubles

Amateur Singles

Amateur Doubles


Plus, don’t miss the opportunity to play with the WRT players Sunday morning for ProAm Doubles!


You can sign up at