Back in San Luis Potosi for the second time this year! Tons of racquetball, tons of fun for the LA LOMA OPEN!

Broadcast Schedule
Quarter Finals: Friday, Aug 11, 4pm – 7pm CT
Semi Finals: Saturday, Aug 12, 11am & 12pm CT
Finals: Saturday, August 12, Singles at 5pm & Doubles at 6pm CT
La Loma Centro Deportivo is an Olympic training facility with eight Racquetball courts including two show courts with side glass. In fact, last year La Loma was home of the 2016 IRF Junior World Championships.
This is the 3rd annual WRT event at Loma: former champs include:
  • August 2014 Polo Gutiérrez
  • August 2015 David ” Bobby” Horn
Top three players this weekend:
  1. Rodrigo Montoya Solis (1)
  2. Andree Parrilla (4)
  3. Jake Bredenbeck (6)
Other players to watch in the draw: Javier Mar (Mexican National Team Member), Jordy Alonso, Edson Martinez, and Team Guatemala sent two national team members: Christian Wer and Edwin Galicia
Local stars: Andree Parrilla, Gerardo Franco Gonzalez, Christian Longoria (side note: these two battled a few months ago for the 18U Mexican Junior National Championship, Franco defeated Longoria who was defending his 2016 title) and Jordy Alonso.
24 player draw for singles, 8 team draw for doubles