Jake Bredenbeck defeated No. 2 Rodrigo Montoya in the finals of the 2018 WRT Longhorn Open 15-3, 15-11. This is Bredenbeck’s fifth WRT Title. Winning this first event of the year is a big advantage for Bredenbeck. In 2017, he didn’t play this event which means he loses no points in the WRT ranking system. Meanwhile, Montoya won the 2017 Longhorn Open and therefore lost 800 points by finishing as a finalist in 2018. Montoya retains his No. 2 position in the rankings, but Bredenbeck found himself up two spots from No. 5 to No. 3.

Jake Bredenbeck Pro Singles Champion

In pro doubles, Alex Cardona and Gerardo Franco prove to be an unstoppable force winning their 6th Doubles Title together.  They defeated Team Argentina with Fernando Kurzbard and Shai Manzuri, 15-5, 15-7.

Gerardo Franco and Alex Cardona, Doubles Champions












To view the draw from the Longhorn Open visit bit.ly/longhorndraw. The pro matches were broadcast live from Austin, Texas on the WRT website and Facebook Live (@WorldRballTour). The matches will also be available by the end of January on the WRT YouTube Channel. Subscribe today and get an alert when the matches go up!