The World Racquetball Tour returns for the second time this year thanks to club host Recreation ATL in Lilburn, Georgia and the title sponsor, Grace Warrior Ministries.  In May, the WRT graced the courts in a tough battle where Andree Parrilla (MEX) went head to head with his doubles partner and the current No. 1 player, Rodrigo Montoya (MEX), to win his third WRT Title. Parrilla also won the 2016 WRT Grace Warrior Open last September and you can bet on him attending the 2017 Grace Warrior Atlanta Open on September 15th along with:

Andree Parrilla (MÉX)

David Horn (USA)

Jake Bredenbeck (USA)

Gerardo Franco (MEX)

Mauricio Zelada (BOL)

Francisco Troncoso (CHI)

Jose Daniel Ugalde (ECU)

Fernando Rios (ECU)

Sebastian Franco (COL)

Jose Diaz (USA) 

Draws are posted at

The live broadcast starts on Friday, September 15th available on WRT Facebook Live and, its free to watch from anywhere in the world on any device!


Broadcast Schedule

Quarter Finals: Friday, September 15, 4pm – 7pm EDT

Semi Finals: Saturday, September 16, 11am & 12pm EDT

Finals: Saturday, September 16, Singles at 5pm & Doubles at 6pm EDT


Previous Champions in Atlanta:

2015 Grace Warrior Atlanta Open (Sept): Alex Cardona

2016 Grace Warrior Atlanta Open (Sept): Andree Parrilla

2017 WRT Georgia Open (May): Andree Parrilla

Take a look back at our past events on the WRT YouTube Channel