By Jason Sauer

After a tough battle defeating No. 2 Jake Bredenbeck in the semifinals of the WRT Midwest Championships last weekend in Minnesota, David Bobby Horn took some time to talk to with me about his performance. Here is what the number three ranked player had to say:

“I feel like I didn’t really turn it up in either game. Jake is an amazing player and he is going to make runs. I really just tried to stick with my game plan and stay level headed during those runs. I never really think about winning in two or three. The key for me is just to stay in each moment and point with all the intensity I can give. I only can control that. I feel like I performed well and played smart. Again, against Jake, that is key just because he is so good. I will get a good meal to get ready for finals….I am very privileged and happy to have a chance at the title tomorrow. I can’t wait for it.”

Horn went on to face No. 1 Alex Cardona in the finals of the Midwest Championships. Although Horn didn’t win the title, he gave me some amazing advice, “I would say stay as calm and focused as possible at all times. Opponents can feel bad vibes and use it against you. Off the court, just enjoy the moments. You will never forget them.”

For those that watch the WRT free live streaming in real-time, maybe you were wondering why David “Bobby” Horn and Jake Bredenbeck were doing the “dab” after their interviews with Laura McCormick? Well, they saw it so much during the football season they thought it would be fun to do it. What do you think, should keep doing it after interviews? Leave a comment or hit us up with your opinion on Facebook @WorldRballTour.

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Jason Sauer is a junior racquetball player who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Jason has been involved in racquetball for two years now and was recently an intern for USA Racquetball. You can follow him on instagram @Racquetball_Guru and can support him in his efforts to go to Junior Nationals on his Gofundme page. He is always willing to talk racquetball and meet new people. We are glad to have Jason join the WRT family! 

Photo courtesy of the WRT, edited by Jason Sauer