On May 13th, the WRT kicks off the Midwest Championships at the University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness Center in Minneapolis. Returning champ, #2 Jake Bredenbeck will be defending his title in the company of #1 Alex Cardona, #3 David Bobby Horn, #4 Andree Parrilla and #5 Jamie Martell.

Follow the draw at bit.ly/midwestchamps and of course you can watch the Quarters, Semis and Finals on the WRT Live Stream, for FREE at bit.ly/wrtlive

Broadcast Schedule:

**times listed as Central Time**

Saturday, May 14     10AM to 2PM     Quarter Finals

Saturday, May 14     5PM and 6PM     Semi Finals

Sunday,  May 15      12PM and 1PM    Singles Final and Doubles Final

For live updates and pictures, follow us @WorldRballTour